Thursday, January 21, 2010

Just thought I would put up a few pictures of a block of the month quilt I have just started with a shop in Australia. I think the quilt is called The Pond House. It is very sweet and I have enjoyed the first block, it is easy and a good way to start enjoying patchwork again.

This is the quilt to the left, I saw it at the Hamilton Quilt Show and quite fell in love with it. I think that the finished one that was on show was tea dyed so I will look into doing that when I have finished it.

The first block was the heart one above the house, I have stuck it all to the background and now will just do some handstitching over the weekend to get it all attached.

I am just happy to be sewing again, just one hour a night and I should start to see some progress! Yay for me!

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