Sunday, June 30, 2013

YarnBombing Greerton Style!!

It's happened!!!  The tree outside my shop has been bombed!  I can't describe how exciting it was to clamber up the ladder and start attaching my tree rug.  As it stretched around the trunk it just seemed to be made to fit - which it was of course.

I am sure that I will take so many photos in the days to come but this is the first of them and I think it just looks magnificent.  It makes the trunk just so huggable - in fact while I was taking photos I had a young girl just walk right on up and hug that tree.

Of course there are so many trees in Greerton and so many of them have their winter rugs in place.  The effect is stunning - you can't help but smile while you wander around looking at the work that everyone has put into their tree.  So many different ideas so many different results.   I am just estatic that it has finally come to fruitition.  I have added photos below of some of the trees... more to follow over the next few days.  How wonderful it is - just makes my smile a million miles wide.

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