Monday, November 5, 2012

Whiizzzzz! There Went A Week!

Can't believe how that week just passed me by.  I achieved a bit, thought about achieving a bit and missed out on achieving some things.  But all good at the end of the day because I can just add those slipped things to the list of things yet to be achieved ;)
I have popped a picture of tonight's dinner on this post because it was such a simple thing to make but the taste value was out of this world.  First up I roasted some squash pumpkin in the beloved coconut oil.  Roasted it in their skin and did them really well till they were crunchy but so soft inside.  Then I diced up some carrots, celery, zucchini, broccolini, asparagus and I'm sure there was something else but for now what it was escapes me.  I stirfried them in some avocado oil till they were cooked but still had a wee bit of crunch.  I removed them from the pan then poured some cream into it and reduced that down to white sauce consistency.  Oh my!  I simply popped some pumpkin and vegetables onto my plate and poured the cream over the vegetables.  On VERY scrummish dinner in a very quick time.  So easy to get your plate of veges with this dish. 

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