Friday, October 26, 2012

Shearing Time!

Spring has arrived today so all excess baggage needs to be dropped off at the door.   Time for the girls to shed their woolly winter coats and enjoy lots and lots of sunshine.   I always worry a bit about how they are looking under all that wool - no need for worries this year, these girls are looking a-ok.  I was going to post pictures of the girls getting shorn but really it doesn't show them in a good light - all dignity certainly flies out the door on shearing day.  Needless to say that there was a bit of ruckess, lots of spitting and generally argy bargy for an hour or two at The Farm Up The Hill.  I have ended up with six beautiful fleeces all sitting in bags in the shed.  Weather permitting I intend to clean all the foreign matter out of them on Sunday and get them off to the spinners asap.  I have decided on two-ply and I have found the perfect singlet pattern that I just need to knit.  I am sure the girls will just love it when I go and sit down in the paddock with them - they won't think I'm at all nutty I am sure.   I love the way they look after they have been fleeced. All sleek and racy and ready to go.

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