Tuesday, October 9, 2012

My Sunday Post - that did a wee stint in NeverNeverland

Sunday was a very lazy relaxed day of in my world.  Bit of shopping with Tom for his birthday then home to play with knitting and crochet.  I have started my blanket for Lewis' and Zoe's baby (due in March) - may the powers that be let it be a girl because this is a VERY girly blanket.  Plan B in reserve so just have to get them both on the way.

I love Sundays for so many reasons - one of them being that I can cook up a storm at my leisure.  Tonight's inspiration for my dinner (yes I usually cook two meals) came from an insert in the Herald.  Hot Smoked Salmon Cakes - few adjustments to fit my amazing eating regime of the moment and I have created what looks like the most amazing dinner of the month!  I have a small rack of free range pork in the oven for himself, a few roasted potatoes and a few more peas and he'll be a happy man.  I love the fact he is so easily pleased but some days it makes me anxious that he is so easy to please.  But I'm not his mother and he just loves these simple meals.  On to my wonderful salmoncakes tho - they are smelling devine and I can't wait to try them in their cooked state.

I roasted some red kumera in my wonderful Cere's unrefined coconut oil and then smashed them up.  The kumera's were still wrapped in their skins - the best part I reckon.

Then I mixed together some seeded mustard (sugar free), chopped parsley, lemon zest and juice, beaten egg, salt & pepper, chopped red onion and added the salmon..... oh yum!
Then it went all together and wow - it really looks like my dinner is going to rock tonight.  I then rolled it in processed wholegrain oats and have left them to sit while the other dinner cooks.  Maybe some capers next time... I love freestyle cooking.... and that is partly for starting this blog, just so I can remember what I cook and then play with it some more.

So while that is all happening I have made the time to start my journey in the world of blogs.  I'm not brave enough yet to tell folk about what I'm up too.... I'll just take a few weeks to get the feel of all of this and then maybe I'll invite a few people to drop in and have a look at what I'm up too.  Great to have made a start and I really look forward to placing a few more words on this page as the day's go by.

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Unknown said...

A great start! Love the foodie photos too. Keep 'em coding