Thursday, October 25, 2012

Tastes of summer

The weather is finally getting warmer and there are more and more seasonal veges coming into the shops.  I am really really lucky in that one of my customers makes her way to the Farmers Markets and buys me bags of seriously good tomatoes every Saturday.  I really appreciate these sweet bombs of flavour.  I also bought my first bunch of asparagus this week and they have all come together to make one heck of a tasty dinner.

I made a tomato sauce by frying a red onion, two stalks of diced celery and lots of garlic.  I then added heaps of diced fresh tomatoes and seasoned with salt and pepper.  Simple.   I already had some diced pumpkin roasting in some coconut oil.  I then simply baked the snapper in fresh lemon juice and steamed the asparagus adding a smear of butter towards the end. 

So simple, so tasty and so easy.  I certainly did enjoy. xxxxB

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