Thursday, October 11, 2012

One Cog of my Knitting Obsession

Thought I would share one of my current knitting projects.

I am knitting this scarf with the devine Rowan Kidsilk Haze Stripe with the feather and fan pattern. 
I couldn't resist a ball of delightful wool when I went to the shop for something completely different - one stroke and I was a goner :)  Or at least my purse was.  Really loving how the colours are working with the feather and fan pattern.  Making this has made me realise that there is always stuff to learn no matter how long you have been doing a craft.  I figured out that I have been putting my yarn around the needle all wrong when doing a YO.  Crazy!  So once I sorted that out I was off and now I just have to keep knitting to get to the next colour in the ball.

I cast on 76st and used the following pattern. Row 1: k2, k2 tog x 3,[(yo, k1) x 6, k2 tog x 6] x 3, yo k1 x 6, k3 tog x 3, k2
Row 2: purl
Row 3: knit
Row 4: purl
Repeat these 4 rows until all the wool is used.

It's a lovely easy knit now that I have the pattern down pat. Very quick to grow and will be so lovely and warm for next winter.

So much more to show and tell - I'm going to really enjoy popping all this pictures on here and then putting up the finished pictures super soon.

The colours remind me of this picture I took in the weekend of our lavender.  Its kind of a reversy colour thing tho.... the green and the purple are doing the opposite dance in each photo.  I love the combination of these two colours.  It has reminded me of a lovely nine patch quilt I made from some swap blocks many moons ago.  It came to a grinding halt when I ran out of the nine patches - they are all scrappy and I tied them together with a combo of green and purple. I will have to find it and post a photo tomorrow... and then maybe I will have to start making some nine patches of my own.   Now off to bed to knit myself to sleep. :)

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