Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Alpacas in the Mist

Up here in the hills things can be so different to down in the city lights.  Came home on Monday to thick mist and very nosy alpacas.  There must have been a huge downpour just before I made it home as everything was just dripping with moisture.  Managed to grab these shots of the girls - loved the way the old dead poplars looked in the background too.  Next on my wish list is a decent camera.... in the meantime my phone is doing an ok job.

 I love these girls but I really need to get things moving with them this summer.  I would love to breed again but need to raise "boy" money by selling a couple of them.  So bring on summer and lots of pictures on Trade Me and hopefully lots of people that want to buy my girls.  In the meantime they get to hang out and eat and poop and sleep - they seem pretty happy doing just that.

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