Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Happy Scrappy Nine-Patch

Finally went searching for my scrappy ninepatch quilt.  Of course I looked in the most obscure stash spots in my sewing room first.  When they proved unfruitful I glanced through my baskets of projects all ready to be worked on and there it was, all in it's own basket.  Yay!

I just love the stripping that I have used with the purple and green.  I had the stripe in my stash and went hunting for the green and purple to go with it - and voila! perfect stripping.  The cream linen was another fabric I had collected somewhere along the way, not patchwork fabric but just seems to fit in perfectly here.  I got all despondent with it when I ran out of the swap blocks - I wanted it bigger.  But now I have got it out and played with it I think it is the perfect size.  I am now imagining a border of the cream linen and having a lovely scrappy floral applique as a border.  OH!  So I will have to look how much of the cream I have - if there isn't enough I guess it's a perfect opportunity to find another cream/beige fabric to take the scrappy another step.

So there is that quilt.... one of many on my to-do list.  I haven't played with fabric for so long but now I can feel the urge returning.

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