Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Shopping for Apples :)

 I went out on a good deed today to get some apples for my horse, Lily.  Well to be totally truthful that was a ruse to drop into  the yarn store to see if there were any colours of crochet cotton that I adored.  There was, I bought and then ran out of time to buy the apples.  Ooooops!

I have a plan for these colours - hopefully my play tonight will prove that my plan is a FANTASTIC plan.  It's always a good thing when a plan turns out to be so.
It also involves some twigs I went hunting for a few weeks ago.  I didn't realise how hard it would be to find twigs that were the right size and the right type and had the right shape.  I was pretty pleased how they turned out and they have added a very minimalistic look to my not very minimalistic lounge.  Poor Tom has been wondering where I am headed with this look - he just knows in his heart of hearts that this won't be all that is happening on the dresser.

So there we are.... we have the twigs and we have the yarn.  I can see that there won't be too much happening in my world outside these two things.  Update tomorrow!!


Sue said...

I am all agog -are you planning to knit with the twigs? :)

Belinda Sands said...

Haha, well I was also considering carving crochet hooks out of them too :o But no - more to come on this, been a huge change around. I am learning all about ply and how some plys work and other are just plain wrong!