Sunday, January 6, 2013

Rainy Sunday Sew Fest

I used to be a regular little patchwork addict but in recent times knitting and crochet have become the passion of choice.  I still dabble but the addict-factor is at an all time low.  This weekend I did venture into my sewing room and had a wonderful time - a wee bit of cutting and a whole lot of stitching.  The view from my sewing seat is wonderful even on a rainy Sunday - the birds all hang out in the trees outside my room making it a very nice place to be.

Here's a small peek at some of the applique I have already done in the centre of the quilt.  It's a lovely quilt - Jesse's Garden.  I have been working on the applique on and off for quite a few months but it is coming together quite nicely now.

Here's a wee look at the border I have been working on.  It's all attached and when I have a chance I'll get a photo of the completed border.  I am totally chuffed with the way it all went together - not a tuck or pleat in sight. Magic!  Hopefully I will get a chance next week to get to work on some more flowers so the branches aren't looking quite so bare.  See you all then with more blossoms.

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