Monday, April 8, 2013

So Much To Make!

Where oh where to start.

I have had a lovely Easter break - three whole days off to myself, I didn't leave my sanctuary up here in the hills.  Just spent time with the dogs and all of the different personalities rattling around in my head.  There's the crochet diva that wants to cover every wee kiddie head in town.  My knitting hippie that wants to cover herself in knitted wares.  And then there is my quilting alter ego that would like to cover her grandkiddies and her own walls in colourful creations.  So I spent the three days dabbling in bits of this and pieces of that.  I was a lovely time and I managed a few pictures to share of what I am up too.

This was my venture into making some crochet garlands.  Over here on emmalamb's blog I have always wanted to make some flower garlands.  When I saw her post on making circles I knew I had to give it a go.  I had chosen the colours a while ago and with a few tweaks I sat down to go completley dottie.  I love how they have turned out but I am having a few  issues trying to figure out where I will put them or how to use them.  At the moment they are strung on the wall in my office looking a wee bit lonely.  They were originally planned to be used on my twiggy arrangement in the lounge but I haven't had time to make them look just right.  Time will find them there rightful home.

  During the weekend we did manage a drive in Mr Tom's passion, his 58 Chevy that he has had restored to perfection.  I always take advantage of this time to work on some knitting.  The last few drives this has involved my Ishbel scarf which I am making in a bamboo mix yarn.  It has grown quite quickly of late but now that I am at the lace stage it is no longer a 'driving' knit but has become a great 'cafe' knit instead.  It was a lovely drive to Waihi where we have a fantastic lunch sitting in the sun.

And then lastly I have to tell all about a wonderful yarnbombing project that is in the making.  For a few years now I have had an idea of bombing the trees in the shopping village where my shop is located.  At last I have people that think I am not completely off my rocker and through a lot of hard work and organising on their part it looks like coming to fruition this year.  How exciting is that?  The yarns sitting on my chairside table are just waiting to be hooked all around this old bike.  I need to find a new seat for it - but I can see how cool this bicycle is going to be.  Watch this space :)

I have a tree that I am going to warm for winter BUT I also have been given a bike to put my own little touch of crochet onto.  So I have the bike.... I have the yarn - just have to find the time and have a plan.  Not too good on plans so lets just go with the time and I think I can find some of that.

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