Monday, March 25, 2013

Caden's Blankie

I have been busy with this blanket for a few months now.  When the kids let me know that they had another bundle on the way I knew I had to come up with a lovely blanket.

I actually convinced myself that we were going to get a wee girl.... so I started two different girly versions.  So cute!  Luckily Lewis snuck a look at the scan one day and had a chat with the doctor and voila, another boy.  I had a minor head spin and went on a major internet rampage until I found this lovely blanket.  I thought it was so clever but liked the idea of circles in rainbow colours that would look kind of like a paint box.

I had made a blanket for Rydah a couple of years ago.  I loved the yarn that I used so decided to just continue creating with this yarn again.  It is a Sirdar BabyBamboo which is made up of bamboo and wool.  A good combination considering this family lives in Cairns and the cooler this blanket is the better.

I am so pleased with how it turned out.  I used this method of joining all of the blocks.  What a neat finish this method has achieved.  Lucy of Attic24 has so many great ideas and tutorials I find myself looking through her archives more and more.

So it is ready to be packaged up and posted off.  I am just finishing a small quilt I made for Rydah's birthday.  It is running a bit late but he will just love snuggling under it when watching tv or lying on outside to watch the clouds.  More on that project super soon.

A lovely side note of Caden's blanket proves that Nannies blankets are all powerful.  I finally completed the blanket on a Sunday evening.  I posted on facebook - "Finished!  A certain baby can arrive right now"  About 10 minutes later I received a text from my son announcing that Zoe's waters had broken.  If that isn't powerful I am not too sure what is.

I have just popped an extra photo to the right of the blanket that I made for Rydah.  It is knitted and was the first item I had finished in a long long time.  I see this blanket as the start of a my creating passion being reignited.  Thanks Rydah.

Well it been great writing about this wooly journey.  Now off to plan my next one... or maybe work on one of the ones I have already started.  Bye for now xxxx

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