Sunday, March 17, 2013

When Lots of Small Things Make a Magic Moment or Two.

I just love it when different small things that have happened all combine and Boom! I have a moment or two of bliss and happiness.

So to make my tale a short one I got to meet with a fantastic group of fellow knitters and crocheters this weekend.  I think I found a most lovely pack of like minded folk that could sit and yarn their day away.  It was a super day - pictures shown here of us all here.  What a colourful group of ladies, both in appearance and souls.

So I headed home with a smile and some ideas of what I wanted to play with now that my baby blanket is all finito.  I awoke at 4am.... super time of the day..... and decided to have a play with some ideas I saw some of the other ladies working on.

A few months ago I struck gold at my favourite op-shop - I found these cottons all sitting in the corner waiting for me to discover them.  They have been sitting at home while I have wondered what I would use them for.  I had watched some bobbles getting created at our get together so I have decided to make a stripey colour laden cushion trying out some new techniques.  I got to finish off this part of it at the shop today and now am wondering if it is all too magnificent for a cushions... I am thinking what a wonderful cover for my wee granny knitting chair.  Hmmmm ..... the possibilities

So here's my first band of colour along with my other passion, beautiful stationery.  How many journals does a girl need?  I am going to have a play tonight to add a few more colours... just like crochet doodle really - what bliss! 

Ohhhh!  I had some more major news today - involving 10 little toes and 10 little fingers.  Super exciting.... will share this news tomorrow.

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