Friday, March 22, 2013

My Happy Moments

I thought it was about time I started to remember the moments in a week that made me smile and gave me that little moment of total pleasure.  It's so easy for these to happen and then you don't think of them again, so writing them down here is going to jog my memories.

This week there has been a few special moments.  One hugely momentous one - the birth of my second grandchild.  The moment I get the text from my son telling me his son has arrived and everyone is well and oh so happy.  Isn't he devine?
I won't get to meet Caden Lewis until August so in the meantime the wonders of the internet will have to suffice.

My son, Lewis and his lovely partner Zoe are doing such a wonderful job of parenting and I think (with a little bit of Nana bias) that they make just stunning boys.

Here is Zoe with Caden and big brother Rydah who is just over 14 months old.  I just love that they have had two boys and they are going to grow up doing boy stuff together.  Their parents might not be so keen on all the stuff they will find to get up to but I think I might get to smile a smile or two when I hear about their adventures.

Well it seems that this news just overshadows all the other happy moments I have had this week.  I will save them for another post.

Enjoy your weekend - I will, the weather is Autumn perfect here.

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