Friday, December 13, 2013

A Plan... This Girl Needs A Plan.....

Look what I found when I went down to the woods library today. 

I found some really amazing books with lots and lots of things 
that I just want to try.  
Some are just perfect for me
 and others just the thing to try out for Pollynanna. 

So anyways I have been thinking to myself - 
how many times do I get out lots of books but
 never ever get a chance to make the bits and bobs
 that made me so excited when I have seen what is on the pages.

So this is where my huge PLAN came to life.
Before the return date comes about I have to make at least
one item from every book.  
What a massive motivational exercise this is going to be. 

So first up is...... 

leafing through the pages I found this.... 

oh wow!.... I need this kinda chic in my home... 
and perhaps a few in my shop to share with everyone who just needs one too... 


one journey has begun.... 
I can't believe how fast this one is shaping up.

Of course it would be way too organised for me to finish
something before planning and scheming the next little something.


it was actually this picture I spied in a knitting magazine that 
sent me on my book hunt.

I just love the wee cardigans... I have them all pictured
in my head in the beautiful sublime bamboo/silk yarn that I 
came across a wee while back. 
They will be devine.
The book is Natural Nursery Knits
Erika Knight.
What a find - I certainly hope that I will be making so much
more than just these cardigans.

So there is the beginning of my great bit huge plan.
What a wonderful plan it is ... 
pull it off
it will be a magical journey my plan has set me on.

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