Monday, December 16, 2013

Introducing the Delightful Silky Cardigan - Bindi Style

So here it is.... 

the range of sublime bamboo and silk... 

As you can imagine it is soooo soft and squidgy.

I just popped my hand into the bowl of 
deliciousness and there was my choice for the first of many wee cardies....

So here again is the wonderful picture of these such cute cardigans.
I have got the yarn... I have got the pattern
the time is slotting into place
so really really soon
I too will have a line of these hanging in my shop

I can see how beautifully this yarn is knitting up.
I am thinking that a flower here and a flower there on
the ones for the young ladies
Those for the young mans will just speak for them self
not a spot of decoration needed.

So there it is... number one on the home stretch.
just a few to go
where is that roll of twine, 
I had best get the clothes line all 
ready and strung. 

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