Saturday, August 1, 2009

So there goes a year

It always amazes me how fast time seems to fly as you get older. Saying that tho, maybe it is just because things are so busy and there isn't time to get through everything I plan to. V. frustrating.

So this Sunday afternoon we have spent a few hours working on the plastic house. We have put in four garden beds - one with general lettuces etc, one with lots and lots of strawberry plants and the other two yet to be prepared for tomatoes in a few weeks.

We have lots of plants in there that are unloved and in quite a sad state. Started today sorting through these pots. I planted up 10 or so Portulacaria Afra... a mini jade tree - would love to learn bonsai on these but will see what kind of shape they take as they get healthier. I also discovered a few ponytail plants, repotted these - they were totally rootbound and were quite yellow, is going to be great to see them take on some colour and size.

I also planted some vege seeds. Put in some lettuce, spinach, rocket and eggplants. It is the middle of winter here so is exciting to use the plastic house to have fresh veges at this time of year.

So today was all about the garden down there in the orchard, tomorrow back to work Lots to day and my first week of trying out the extra hours on my own in the shop. Could be interesting!

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